Royal Dirties

We are a group of artists working in different areas such as drawing, literature, theatre and game design. We didn't want to die young, misunderstood and alone, therefore we had to find a common art project to work on – and this comic book is it.

The chief artist is Tomáš Roller – the genius whose left hand is capable of things you wouldn't dare dream of. His fascination for rabbits and rabies is the divine source that forced him to unleash Ronald and Donald, his merciless, ever hungry and very cute bunnies.

Out of incredible coincidence Ronald and Donald share the same initials as our company and two presidents of the United States. Thus they have become the official mascots of Royal Dirties – at least untill they torture, kill and eat us all. Their favourite media are comic books and comic strips – preferably the stripped ones.

Our team


Michal Krondiak

money maker

Tomáš Roller

lead artists

Michal Ružička

money & idea maker

Martin Jurík


And lots of other people who don't have their own drawing yet. But stay tuned.