There is a logic behind the discounts

We want you to have as many our products as possible. But we know that the art is expensive. Therefore we created a system of discounts for you.


You can fill as many T-shirts as you want into your basket. The system will choose the best discount for you without any hussle. Obviously you cannot use more than one discount at a time.

number of T-shirts discount (in EUR)
2 pcs 2,50€
3 pcs 4,50€
4 pcs 7,00€
5 pcs 10,00€
6 pcs 13,50€
7 pcs 17,50€
8 pcs 22,00€
9 pcs and more 27,00€

T-shirt and Book combo

When you choose a book and a T-shirt you immediately get the 2,00€ discount. You can stack this discount with any other.